KDK College of Engineering, Nagpur -
Estd.in 1984                           
NBA Accredited - Five programs, Grade A, NAAC Accredited

Approvals from statutory body

Approvals from statutory body
AICTE Approval 2019-20.pdf
AICTE Approval 2017-18.pdf    
AICTE Approval 2016-17.pdf                                   
AICTE Approval 2015-16.pdf
AICTE Approval 2014-15.pdf                                    AICTE Approval 2013-14.pdf
AICTE Approval 2012-13.pdf                                    AICTE Approval 2011-12.pdf
AICTE Approval 2010-11.pdf                                     AICTE Approval 2009-10.pdf
AICTE Approval 2008-09.pdf                                    AICTE Approval 2007-08.pdf
AICTE Approval 2006-07.pdf                                    AICTE Approval 2005-06.pdf
AICTE Approval 2004-05.pdf                                    AICTE Approval 2003-04.pdf
AICTE Approval 2002-03.pdf                                    AICTE Approval 2001-02.pdf
AICTE Approval 2000-01.pdf                                AICTE Approval 1999-2000.pdf
AICTE Approval 1998-99.pdf                                   AICTE Approval 1997-98 .pdf
AICTE Approval 1996-97.pdf                                    AICTE Approval 1995-96.pdf
AICTE Approval 1994-95.pdf                                   


Permission letter from DTE   

Permission letter from University 

Maharashtra Government
Permission letter from Maharashtra Government-84-10
Permission letter from Maharashtra Government-13-14 onwards


"Service to the society through Quality Technical Education"


 We at KDKCE shall work continuously to achieve,
  • Academic Excellence in Engineering and Technology Through Complete dedication to all round Growth of Students.
  • Enable the Students to Develop  Outstanding  Professional with Technical Competence and Management Skills.
  • Fulfill the Expectance of the Society and Industries with  Ethical Standards for developing Sustainable Solutions


  • Approved By :
    AICTE, New Delhi and Government of Maharashtra.
  • Accreditation :
    National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).
    National Board of Accreditation (NBA).
  • Affiliated To :
    R.T.M. Nagpur University Nagpur.
  • Grade 'A' By :
    Government of Maharashtra.